The reason your house did not sell

Even in this market some homes do not sell right away. There is really only one reason why a home doesn’t sell. It is because the home is over priced but there is a little more to it than that.

Some homes are priced  right but photographed and marketed so poorly that they get over looked by interested buyers. Other homes might sell for close to the asking price if the owners would make a few repairs.

In general homes have a value and should be priced accordingly. Sometimes home owners choose a price based on how much money they want for their home. As a home owner myself I can relate. It would be nice to get half a million for my home but I know it is worth half that much but only if it is fixed up real nice.

Homes that are dated inside tend to sell for less than the homes that have updated kitchens and baths. Sometimes major updates are not needed. Fresh paint, new hardware and some new light fixtures are enough. What is old and tired can be made to look new and fresh again, or maybe neutral enough to be attractive to a home buyer.

In most cases the real estate agent listing the home isn’t the main reason a home hasn’t sold. The homes that are the easiest to sell are the homes that have owners who take an active interest in the home sale process. When the home owner refuses to fix a leaky pipe or won’t tidy up before a showing the house is harder to sell.

The local real estate market still favors sellers. All homes are salable. If you would like to know why your home didn’t sell when it was on the market ask or agent or give me a call.

Sold in less than a week, with multiple offers for more than the asking price.


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