Hiring movers Vs. DIY

Some people hire movers and others move with the help of friends and family. I remember way back in my 20’s my husband and I rented a U-Haul and with the help of some friends we moved from on second floor apartment without an elevator to another second floor apartment without an elevator.

We didn’t have much in those days but what we was big and heavy. We were young and strong and so were our friends but when we moved again seven years later we hired a moving company.

Hiring movers costs money but it may also save money and a lot of grief. There isn’t anyway to make moving fun but hiring movers will make it less un-fun.

The professionals are less likely to damage furniture or the home they are moving it into. Movers are less likely to be injured. Your friends could get hurt trying to help you heft that big old sofa into the house.

For people who are both buying and selling the movers can be loading the truck during the closing on the sale of your home.

There is a solution for every moving logistics type problem. I have seen them all and so have they.  If you ask me money spent on movers is money well spent.

Two men and a truck
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