Open house open to theft

shoesOpen houses are still fairly popular. There are sellers who believe that an open house is needed to sell a house. Open houses are not needed to sell a house or to sell it more quickly.

They are wonderful  for real estate agents who are looking for “leads”, and for uncommitted buyers without financing in place.

An open house are also a great opportunity for people to steal drugs from medicine cabinets and to find other valuables and take them.

Sometimes sellers leave tax returns and check books in the top drawer of their desk. Other times there are credit card or bank statements on the kitchen counter still in the envelope. Open houses can be a great opportunity for identity thieves.

I have seen calendars on the wall when I have toured houses that tell me more about the home owners than they would want me to know. I can tell when they will be out of town and where their children go to school and even what grade they are in.

Sure your agent says he/she is going to watch everything but that isn’t the way it works. I have walked into many an open house where the agent is talking to someone near the front door and I am allowed to roam the home alone or with my clients.

If you must have open houses please make sure your valuables are locked up or removed from the home. Depersonalize your home as much as possible before it is photographed or held open.

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