Learning how to use the faucet

Yes it is Friday again and Fridays are for fun. This past week has been horrific and not much fun. Floods, fires, hurricanes and a major earth quake all in one week.

I can understand how water might be hard to get during a natural disaster but people have forgotten that most of the time they can get water from a faucet in their home. They have become so dependent on bottled water that they can not survive without it.

We laughed the first time we saw bottled water. We did not think it would catch on but it did.  The water that comes already in a bottle was put there by clever human beings who learned how to get water from a faucet, put it in a bottle, ship it across the country and get people to pay for it.

The bottoms of rivers, oceans and lakes are full of the recyclable plastic bottles that water comes in.

It seems like there are people who have forgotten how to get water from any other source than a bottle. Bottled water isn’t safer than our local water. Some of the water in bottles is tap water. It is easy to fill your own bottles from you own faucet.

If there is an emergency and the stores run out of bottled water . . and they will run out . . it is possible to fill containers from your own faucet so that there will be clean drinking water should the worst happen. My resourceful and resilient cousins in Florida filled their bathtub and several containers with water before the hurricane hit.

Some day your own life may depend upon your ability to find water if the worse should happen and there is a bottled water shortage.  Please don’t forget how to use faucets.

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