Yes the bridge is really closed

Cars drive down the street and turn around once they get to the closed bridge. When I tell people it is closed they say “no way”, I say WAY! Having the Smith Ave. High bridge closed has really changed the traffic patterns on Smith Avenue and on West 7th. The bridge will be closed until December of 2018 while it is being re-decked. New railings will be put on the bridge to make it harder to jump off of as so many have.

The trails directly under the bridge are also closed. There is road construction on Wabasha at the foot of the Wabasha bridge so don’t bother going that way, The Robert street bridge remains open and there isn’t any construction on either end.

It doesn’t matter where you buy a house of where you open a business,  or work eventually road construction happens.  If you are in Saint Paul, construction projects are often scheduled so that all alternate routes are also closed or partially closed.

I remember when this bridge was built in the mid 1980’s. It replaced the old rickety high bridge. The bridge was completed in 1987 and is 2770 feet long. It cost 20 million to build.

High Bridge
High Bridge September 2017
High bridge – taken from the West looking downtown last year.
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