Plan ahead, downsizing isn’t easy

I have had friends, family and clients over the years who have moved from larger homes to smaller homes. Sometimes moving was part of a plan and other times it happened because of a medical issue.

Moving to smaller quarters or moving at all is a lot of work for those who have lived in the same home for 20 to 50 years.

Planing ahead of time makes it so much easier. One of my clients started planning and eliminating excess stuff three years before the move. She started before she even knew where they would move to or exactly when they would do it.

Occasionally I work with families that did not plan on moving. Dealing with decades of accumulated belongings can be overwhelming.

If you have been thinking about moving start exploring the basement and other storage spaces. Are there boxes that have not been opened in a decade? Start going though the stuff, and sort it into three categories:

  1. Keep
  2. Not sure
  3. Donate, toss, recycle or sell.

Once the basement is under control start working on the closets and then the kitchen cupboards and then then dressers and drawers. For one elderly couple who needed to move quickly we contacted 1-800-GotJunk. They will remove just about anything from your home, for a fee but they do the sorting, donating and recycling. For a few hundred dollars the couple was able to empty their garage and they even took the 20 year old queen size sleeper sofa.

The “not sure” pile will be the biggest challenge. Most of it will end up in the “donate, toss or recycle pile”. Sorting is a great way to start the downsizing process. It is about starting and doing something as opposed to being overwhelmed by the task.

Some items can be sold. Try Facebook market place, Amazon, eBay or Craig’s list.

Moving is much easier when everything is organized a head of time. People who have adult children should not be shocked when their children say no to family heirlooms and other items they might want to unload.

Old bike
Old Bike
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