There is no time like fair time

Today is the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, Ā The last day is September 4th. If you have never been to our fair you need to go. The MN state fair is the largest in the country as measured by daily attendance and the second only to the Texas state fair when it comes to overall attendance. The Texas State fair runs for twice as many days.

What I love about the fair is that it hasn’t changed all that much since I first went as a child, a long time ago. šŸ™‚ Foods are added every year usually deep fried and on a stick and lately more bacon has been added to the menu.

The best way to get to the fair is to take one of the many buses that run from large parking lots to the fair about every 10 minutes.

minnesota state fair
Minnesota state fair
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  1. We went to the TX state fair last year and was impressed. They really do things bigger down there. If you like state fairs I’d recommend a visit.

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