Making a dumb house smarter

My house is old. Part of it was build in 1858 and the newer part may have been built as recently as 1860. Thanks to wireless technology dumb old houses can be turned into smart houses.

I have on of those smart thermostats that I can control with an app or by voice the Amazon Echo. I don’t have to be at home to know what the temperature is in my house or to change the temperature.

There is a camera in my house that can be activated by motion and it can send me an email alerting me that someone has entered my house. I can watch someone take my stuff using an app on my phone as I dial 911 and yell at them through a speaker.

A couple of weeks ago I made my home just a little smarter by purchasing some adapters for electrical outlets so that I can turn control the outlets with an app on my phone. Lights can be turned on and off or be set on timers.

The internet of things is here and there is a lot of useful technology we can use everyday, and much of it is so easy to instal that even a college graduate can do it.

Houses can be retrofitted for technology which is a good thing. My house probably did not have central heating or plumbing in the 1860’s but it was retrofitted with those amenities too.

Internet of things
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