The golden rule in a sellers market

The golden rule at least the way my parents taught it to me is about treating others the way I want to be treated.

Once a upon a time I had some buyer clients who made an offer on a home. Their offer was ignored, and the sellers would not negotiate.

After at least two weeks of hard work the sellers slowly started to negotiate with the buyers and eventually they both signed a purchase agreement.

Several weeks later the sellers found themselves in a position of needing a favor from the buyers. The buyers quickly and graciously said yes to the sellers request.

Even in a sellers market on a home with multiple offers the seller may need something from the buyers at some point in the transaction. Maybe a closing date has to be changed. Treating everyone with respect and kindness and promptly responding during negotiations is free and it never hurts.

When buyers and sellers don’t get along small problems can turn into huge misunderstandings and even lawsuits.

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