Nice house poor photography

Why do home sellers go to the trouble of patching and painting, staging and fixing everything up and then have it all photographed by someone who doesn’t know how to photograph a house and who isn’t using a DSLR camera with a wide angle lens?

It is hard to look at some of the beautiful historic St. Paul homes on the MLS and find dark rooms with antique light fixtures turned off.  The camera lens used to take the photos isn’t wide enough to capture the whole room. I can’t even tell which room is which.

The details in a historic home really need to show up in the photographs and they need to be taken with an eye for what is important. I remember several years ago following a photographer through a historic home and taking pictures of what he missed.

You would think it would be hard to make a beautiful home look average but it isn’t. Making an average looking home look outstanding is a bit more of a challenge but always the goal.

Back before the internet photography didn’t matter nearly as much. Even in today’s seller’s market photography matters. Professionally photographed homes sell for more. Thousands of dollars more.

Laurel Avenue
Victorian houses

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