Memories of fireworks

it is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I miss the amazing fireworks displays we used to have in St. Paul. Fireworks were shot up over the river valley and could be seen for miles. We could see them from the bridges or the public parks. The all changed when the ball park was built in lower town. Since the park opened it is the new place for 4th of July Fireworks even if there isn’t a game.

Fireworks can not be launched high into the sky from the park because of the nearby airport.

It makes no sense to me to launch low level fireworks from the lowest part of the city, where view of the fireworks is blocked by the buildings when they can be launched over the river and viewed from bridges, parks, boats and the bluffs.

Maybe one day our fireworks will be set free again where they can be enjoyed by everyone, but for now all I have are these blasts from the past.

Fireworks over the Mississippi River
July 4th fireworks
Fireworks over the Mississippi river
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2 Replies to “Memories of fireworks”

  1. Very nice pictures!

    Yeah, moving fireworks to CHS Field was a bad move for the residents of St. Paul. Probably does good things for the city coffers and the vendors there, though (no outside food, parking fees). I’m almost tempted to go downtown and stand outside the stadium and watch anyway.

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      You can watch from inside the stadium. it is free.

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