The Twin Cities

The Twin cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis are not identical twins. The cities are more like very close fraternal twins. There are differences between the two cities. Property taxes are higher in Minneapolis but those taxes include more services. You would have to live in Saint Paul for a time to really appreciate what a quirky little town it is.

Home prices are on average higher in Minneapolis than they are in St. Paul. Home prices are going up slightly faster in Saint Paul than they are in Minneapolis. There are other differences between the two cities.

Minneapolis has a woman for a mayor and she isn’t the first. Saint Paul has had 53 male mayors in a row. Minneapolis police chief is also a woman, Chief Janeé Harteau, who was just named on Fortune’s list of top 50 world leader. Harteau is number 22 on the list.

I guess I would call Saint Paul parochial, but I also call it home.

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