How soon is soon?


I have written about this before, I am not of fan of putting a sign in front of a house indicating that it will “soon” be for sale. We are in a strong sellers market. Many of my peers believe that “coming soon” is a wonderful marketing strategy that benefits the homeowners. I view it as a strategy the benefits real estate agents, increases the likely hood for dual agency, and generally ticks off the home buyers who are ready to buy today. We have a lot of homebuyers who are ready to buy right now.

When is soon? There is one house that has had a coming soon sign in front of it for at least a month. Are they really interested in selling? Coming soon is kind of vague but it would help to have some kind of a time limit. My own home will probably be for sale at some point after the year 2020. Should I put the “coming soon” sign out now, or should I wait?

We have had a few listings that have been sold in the first day or three that they were on the market with multiple offers even. The “coming soon” strategy would have stretched it all out for a few days but would not have increased the value of the homes and would not have made the sell any faster.

Pre-listed and coming soon

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