condition and location

Condition and location

There are actually three factors that greatly influence the value of a piece of real estate and they are size, location and condition. There is nothing a home owner can do about location. Most home sellers can only change the condition of the property.

I always recommend cleaning and decluttering first, minor repairs second and painting if needed. Small improvements can also raise the value. By small I mean a back splash in the kitchen, and some new light fixtures or maybe a new electrical outlet or two and smart thermostat. larger small improvements might include a new front door and some new flooring.

New hardware and towel racks can transform a bathroom. Throw in a new shower curtain, coordinating towels, rugs and curtains and the home owner will want to stay. 🙂

By small repairs I mean lose door knobs, anything that leaks, visible wires, and fixing windows that are hard to open of that don’t open. Replacing burned out light bulbs should be the first step in getting a home ready to sell.

Cleaning is a tough one for some. I have a list that includes cleaning inside the oven and cleaning the windows.

As a rule home buyers will want about $1000 dollars off the list price for every $100 in repairs that the buyer thinks are needed. Sometimes buyers ask for upgrades and call them repairs.

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