The Women’s March

Women marched in St. Paul and in cities all over the world. According to the Saint Paul Police there were 100K people marching in St. Paul yesterday. There were so many people that we almost could not march. This is what a populist movement looks like.

Women's March 1/21/2017 MN state capitol in St. paul
Women’s March 1/21/2017 MN state capital in St. Paul, MN
Colorful signs
Colorful signs – we all want to be heard
Men and children marched too
Men and children marched too
Young people and old people marched
Young people and old people marched
More signs
More signs
Marching in Minnesota
View along march route

Yesterday’s marches were epic and record breaking and they happened all over the world.

I just had to post these pictures because I am afraid that our new president is going to say that it never happened. It did happen on January 21, 2017 and I was there, and so was my daughter and we took pictures.

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  1. Great photos of a great event.

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