How not to chose a real estate agent

I was reading some information from the web site of a real estate agent who works through a major franchise. The article was all about how the real estate company is better and so are the agents and how they are better at marketing homes for sale and working with home buyers.

Seriously being a real estate agent is a little different than other occupations. Most agents are independent contractors and the company they are with does almost nothing to help sell the home.

Agents will have information in their marketing materials about the “technology” the real estate company has. Most of that technology is there to make accounting and management easier for the franchise and for the office and has nothing to do with selling a house or buying one.

Real estate teams are also kind of an illusion. Teams are designed so that less of the agents money goes to the franchise and more of it goes to the lead agent. Teams are rarely about working together to sell a home or helping each other with a client.

They are about working as a unit so they can lower their fees to the real estate company and about having people in place to follow up on the zillions of leads they capture on the internet. The work is necessary for the team to succeed in finding business but doesn’t help home buyers or sellers.

When looking for a real estate professional to work with look at the individual. Their performance will have a much greater impact on your purchase of sale than the company or team they are with will have. Keep in mind real estate agents are not being paid to work with you. We do not get paid until the sale of a home closes. The real estate companies do not pay agents salaries or benefits.

Agents generally pay for everything out of their own pockets. Real estate companies do provide the one thing that an agent needs and that is a broker. In Minnesota and in most other states people with a real estate license have to work under a broker and that broker is responsible for the agents actions. In general the larger the company the more agents an individual broker is responsible for, which can result in less supervision.

Choose an agent, not a franchise or a brand or an office. The more agents a company has the more real estate they sell but that doesn’t mean that they do a better job selling it or that all of their agents are actually selling real estate.

Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members to make a recommend and agent. Resist the urge to click on one of the faces next to the listings on the fancy web sites with homes for sale listed. Those agents are paying to have their face on the site. They could be amazing agents or maybe not. All you know about them is how they pay to capture internet leads.

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