Mortgage rates were not as fair a decade ago

state fair

This is from a post I wrote on the first day of the Minnesota state fair 10 years ago.

Mortgage Rates – Freddie Mac Primary Market Survey – average rates for 30 year, conforming, fixed rate mortgages:

week ending 8/24/2006 6.48%

week ending 8/17/2006 6.52%
week ending 8/10/2006 6.55%
week ending 8/03/2006 6.63%
week ending 7/27/2006 6.72%
week ending 7/20/2006 6.80%

According to Freddie Mac Average rates this week look like this:

Average rate for a 30 year conforming loan is 3.43%

Houses in St. Paul are still on average less expensive than they were in 2006 and interest rates are lower.

Today is the first day of the Minnesota State Fair. Enjoy!


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