How many showings before you get an offer?

showings graph
Number of showings to pending

Happy first day of Summer!

I just love numbers, data and actual facts.  The chart shows how many showings on average St. Paul homes that are for sale get before they get an offer, which is 24 showings.  Pending means homes that have gotten offers on them but the sale has not yet closed.  How many showings a home is getting is an important number. Knowing how many people are looking at it on the internet is interesting but we don’t have any numbers to correlate internet views with showings or offers.

The average days on market right now is 67.  Some homes are not on the market long enough to get 24 showings and get an offer after a few showings. If your home is on the market and has had more than 24 showings it might be time to change something. Lower the price or make some improvements.

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