Average days on market

Everyone wants to know about how long it will take to sell their home. I can say for sure it depends. The over all average for the city of St. Paul is 68 days. The average for selling a condo is 89 days and a townhouse will take 98 to sell on average. If your home is listed for more than 500K it will take about 150 days to sell. That is a little over 5 months.

In all price ranges homes sell an average of 32 days after the last drop in price.  We will have the June home sales numbers tomorrow. My sense right now is that things are slowing up a bit but that probably won’t show up in the May numbers. I’ll write about it in July.

When looking at home sale statistics and related information remember that real estate is local. . .and so am I now that I think about it. Not part of a national franchise. Heck I was even born in St. Paul.

Average days on Market St. Paul
Average days on Market St. Paul


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