Where is the money?

Mortgage lenders are not all the same but I don’t imagine most of people who are buying or selling homes have all that much experience with home mortgages. There is a difference. The difference in interest rates and fees from one lender to the next isn’t all that much but the difference in service is huge. There is a reason why I recommend certain lenders. It is because I know that if they send a pre-approval letter they will come provide the funds for the purchase and they will be on time with that money.

A huge part of my job these days is staying on top of the mortgage approval process. There really isn’t a penalty for the loan officer or the lender if the closing is delayed for weeks but delays really mess up the lives of home buyers and sellers.

Before choosing a lender ask around. Real estate agents know which lenders are easy to work with and which ones keep their word. In a multiple offer situations it is easier for me to recommend an offer to a home owner if I have had good experiences with the lender the buyer is planing in using. If I have had bad experiences I let the seller know.

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