Garden with care

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When we first moved into our house there wasn’t much growing on the lot and I was all excited about getting to plant a garden and about doing some landscaping. I made some major landscaping mistakes that I am still recovering from many years later. My first mistake was planting more than I can take care of.

There are plants that I wish I had never planted and I am sure my immediate neighbors feel the same way. Knowing what I know today I would never have planted mint, chives, or morning glories. Especially not the chives. They grow everywhere and are just about impossible to kill.

I never would have mixed hostas and ferns because they fight with each other for territory every year. I am happy that I planted the rhubarb, my three plants produce for me faithfully every year with enough left over to give to my neighbors.

As a real estate agent and broker spring is my busiest time of year and it is also the time for preparing yard and gardens.

Here in St. Paul there are still some small garden centers where we can go to get advice. The University of Minnesota Extension has some resources too. [Master Gardener]

From a resale point of view landscaping matters, but that is the subject for another post.

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