Broker Reciprocity

Broker reciprocity is about agents from any real estate company being able to sell homes that are listed by any real estate company. It is very common for one company to list a home for sale and an agent from another company finds a buyer. It also means that when a home owner lists a home hundreds of agents compete with each other to sell it which is good for home sellers.

If you search for homes for sale on the internet usually the fine print on the bottom of the page will say that the listing is provided curtesy of XYZ company. It really doesn’t matter to home buyers which company is listing the home.

Sometimes buyers will ask to see a home that is for sale and they will tell me that it is listed by XYZ company. The easiest way for me to get information about a home that is for sale is to look it up the address and that is the best strategy for potential home buyers too. Find a web site that you like to use and make sure that it has all of the local listings on it and use it to get more information about homes that are for sale.

The days when only a real estate agent knew about homes for sale are long gone, yet we still add value to the process because an experienced agent has worked through many home sales. No two properties are exactly the same and neither are the buyers and sellers. Each home and client has something to teach us and we take that experience with us to the next home.

Historic home
Historic home
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