Vacant and condemned

I took a drive through the Dayton’s bluff neighborhood the other day. There are still many homes that are boarded up and vacant and there are vacant lots where there used to be empty boarded up houses. The area was hit hard by the great recession and the crash of the housing market. There are so many fine old houses in the Dayton’s bluff neighborhood. I grew up on the east side (not east St. Paul) on Wakefield Street.

Some homes have been fixed up and sold to new owners but there are still too many like the apartment building in the picture. Home prices and rents are rising and there are not enough homes available for those who want to buy them.

There was a fine old Italianate style house on the corner of Wilson and Maria that is now gone and part of the vacant lot looks like it is used for vehicle storage.  There are vacant lots all over town. Many are now owned by adjacent property owners.

I don’t think this is how St. Paul should look.

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