Pre-listing your home

Things get crazy in the spring. In some neighborhoods there won’t be enough homes for sale and home buyers and their Realtors will be working hard to find homes for sale. Some real estate agents are “pre-listing” homes which means they are advertising the homes as “coming soon”. The real estate agents tell sellers that they are pre-marketing the home to build excitement around the listing and that it will sell faster and perhaps for more money.

Honestly it is just a bazaar shell game that benefits real estate agents more than it benefits home sellers or buyers. When a home is listed for sale on the MLS thousands of agents compete with each other to sell the home. When the home is “coming soon” or “pre-listed” one agent or team gets all of the calls about the home and works with both the buyers and the sellers.

Pre-listed homes often have a sign in front saying “coming soon” with a phone number on it and the home is advertised on a few web sites and not on the MLS.

Either your home is on the market or it isn’t. Put it on the market or keep it off the market just don’t give it to a real estate agent to “pre-list” because then it becomes a plaything for that agent which might not always work in your favor.

Highlsnd Park tudor
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