Looking back

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I have been publishing on this site almost daily for more than 10 years. Every now and then it is fun to look back to 2005. The world was different then. We did not have iPhones with Apps and the housing market had not yet crashed.

On the last day of December in 2005 I wrote about how average mortgage rates dipped to 6.22%. The median home price in St. Paul was over 195K in 2005, which is 30K higher than it is this year and there were more home sales in 2005 than we will have in 2015.

Average mortgage rates on a 30 year conforming mortgage are currently a little under 4%. Oh my! and I have read some predictions that have then almost up to 4.8% by 2017. Oh my!

screen print
Mortgage rates in 2005



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