A new record for Saint Paul

Homes for sale

Currently as of yesterday there are 943 homes for sale in Saint Paul, MN and there are only 800 without offers on them. There are of course always homes for sale that are not listed by Realtors that are not reflected in the numbers and there are those homes that are listed by Realtors but not in the MLS and the 68 homes that are in our database but are kind of hidden they are for sale but temporarily not available to show.

Minneapolis is also at a low point and there are only 1072 homes for sale that don’t have offers on them. Scarcity is driving prices up and causing some would be home sellers to hold off so they don’t end up homeless when they sell their home quickly but struggle to find another.

There are still homeowners who owe more on their homes that they can sell them for but the number continues to decline.

I hate to mention this but now might be a wonderful time to put your home on the market.

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