Houses are bait

Each year I work with buyers who ask me about homes that they find on the internet that are listed for sale. Sometimes they find the home on the Zillow website and ask why they see it there but not on any of the lists of homes that I send them information about.

Sometimes the home on Zillow really is for sale but it has an offer on it and that information shows up in the Realtor database but not on any other site.

Other times the home isn’t really for sale but was at one time and is being used as bait. For most real estate agents being a real estate agent is all about online lead generation and capture. Houses are bait and are the best way to capture the contact information from potential home buyers and sellers.


Real estate agents and homeowners can easily list a home for sale on Zillow. To get a home listed in the Realtor MLS the home owners needs to work with a Realtor and a contract needs to be signed.

Very soon our MLS will be feeding data to Zillow. Currently we do feed data to many web sites. In fact if you google the address of any home that is currently on the market you will see it on a zillion websites.

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