Final Walk Through

I have written about this before but it is time to do it again. It is important to do a final walk through of a home before the closing. It should be done shortly before the closing.

Here in Minnesota we close at the table and the closing is when the buyer and seller exchange money for a deed and some keys and the property changes hands.

The final walk through is the opportunity for the buyer to check to make sure that the property is in the same condition that it was in when the buyer made the offer. Sometimes the buyer is able to verify repairs and that the seller has moved out.

A red flag is a seller who will not allow a final walk through. I recently had a real estate agent tell me that the sellers did not want to allow the buyer to do a final walk through because the buyer might find something wrong.

If it were my home being sold I would much rather have a problem identified before the closing than be sued a month after the closing.

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