Downtown is different

6th street
E 6th street

Downtown St. Paul is really hopping these days with all the parks and events and the greenline and the new grocery store and the new ballpark which will be opening in May. Condo values have gone up but not quite to the levels we saw in 2006.

There are 60 condos on the market. There are several condo buildings in three separate neighborhoods. There are not many real estate agents who really know the downtown area. Agents who do not know downtown have a hard time figuring out how to get into the buildings and they may not understand the whole parking thing or building amenities.

A few agents from a big local real estate company really dominate the downtown condo scene. There are some advantages in working with those agents but there are also some advantages in not working with them. When one agent has several units for sale in one building that agent needs to promote all of the units instead of focusing on yours. Those agents are also more likely to get into a dual agency situation where one broker or agent is representing both the buyer and the seller.

If you don’t want to work with the same agent who is selling your next door neighbors unit give me a call. I sell a few downtown condos each year and rarely have more than one on the market in any of the buildings at one time. I am a much better choice than the real estate agent who doesn’t normally work downtown and I may be a better choice than the agent who has several competing units on the market in the building and in the building down the street.

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