The illusive dollar deal

coinI feel like I have to be careful how I write this because if Google notices this post then anyone searching for homes that are being sold for . . . well lets just say one piece of currency with a picture of George Washington on it will be contacting me for more information.

Every year I get inquiries from people all over the country who would like to buy a home of their own for that one bill in the smallest denomination.

There have been programs where a person can purchase the American dream for a very small amount but usually the dwellings are not inhabitable and the buyer must have the resources to make the home livable and by resources I mean actual money and much more than a dollar and no they won’t let you live in the house and do the work yourself. Permits must be pulled and licenses contractors have to do the work and the city inspector is going to need to approve it all.

Personally I think a house that cost less than a cup of coffee would be very easy to sell and I don’t understand why people don’t sell them for a little pocket change or maybe just give them away so everyone can have a house all their own.

For some reason when someone contacts me about a deal that is just too good to be true there usually is some kind of a catch, like no indoor plumbing and I am sorry to say that the idea of a house in exchange for some pocket change is an urban legend that is kept alive on the internet by people who are not nearly as careful as I am when they write.

. . well now I have to go. I want to see if I can find a car for $.50 mine is getting kind of old.

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