Don’t limit yourself

There are not a lot of homes on the market right now but there are more homes listed on the web sites of our local real estate companies than there are on Zillow. People just love to use Zillow and I completely understand that and I use the site myself but I would not recommend relying on it as an only source of information about homes for sale. gets  data directly from the MLS (Multiple listing service)  just like the local real estate web sites do which means the data is a bit more accurate.  Real estate company and agent web sites generally have all of the homes for sale not just their own listings. Our MLS is owned by Realtors and most of the homes in the region that are sold are sold through the MLS. We have a lot of rules, oversight and fines for breaking rules.

If you find the home of your dreams on Zillow but find out that it is no longer for sale or maybe never was just let me know and I’ll see if I can find a similar home that really is for sale. Sometimes homes that appear to be for sale are just being used as bait or are being “pre-marketed”.

I did a little study just using one zip code.

In the 55101 zip code I found 45 homes on the market and 5 of them are foreclosures. On Zillow I found 30 homes for sale, 1 of them is a foreclosure and one is for sale by owner. If I were house hunting I would want to see all of my options not just 30 of them. There are actually fewer than the 30 for sale as some were already sold but no one changed the status from for sale to sold.

screen print
screen print – Zillow search

I advertise most of my homes for sale on Zillow. Sellers have a choice and many of them like to have their home show up on all of the popular web sites.

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