Part time agent vs. full time

smallclockI know some part time real estate agents who do a fantastic job and some full time agents who do a crummy job. Some folks would be surprised to learn that those agents who have a lot of listings are not always the agents who do the best job. In fact there was a study done that indicated that agents who take on too many listings end up getting less money for the homes they list and they stay on the market longer.

Last spring I got an earful when I worked with a client and asked about her last real estate agent. I honestly thought this agent was one of the best in the metro area but what I learned is that she rushes and pushes her clients through the process. Yes she built a business by getting referrals from past clients but it doesn’t seem like she has done much for anyone lately.

As a full-time agent myself I see it as a full time job but that is my choice and I took a risk by leaving the corporate world and joining the world of self employment and 100% commissioned sales.  I have been a full time agent for 13 years and I know it isn’t for everyone.

There are part-time agents who do a phenomenal job. There are also some who don’t do much at all and who can never return phone calls  or emails during business hours which can really slow negotiations or closings.

Go ahead and ask the agents you interview if they are full time or part-time. If they are part-time make sure their hours of business are compatible with yours. Experience is important too. Ask the agent how many homes they have sold.

There are a lot of wonderful agents in the metro area. Find one who will do a good job and is easy to work with. Do they answer questions? Do they answer the phone? A part time agent may be the perfect choice if the alternative is an agent with 25 listings and a team to manage.

There are also real estate agents who kind of dabble in real estate thinking they can make an easy buck or two. They might not be the best choice even if they are a cousin or an uncle or an in-law.

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