Why an open house if the home is sold?

open_houseUsually we don’t see open houses on homes that have been sold but last weekend there were some open houses at homes that have offers on them that were accepted by the sellers but that are contingent. The most common contingency is the inspection contingency. Sellers can not accept another offer on their home if they have already accepted an inspection contingency offer.

Sometimes an open house has already been scheduled before there was an offer and as I mentioned in a previous blog post open houses are really more for real estate agents than they are for homeowners and are just as profitable for real estate agents even if the home has been sold.  Don’t assume that just because a house is open that it is for sale.

St. Paul homeowners who would like to sell their homes quickly should put them on the market right now. There are only 639 homes on the market that do not have offers on them and there are 133 homes on the market in St. Paul including condos that have offers on them.

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