Frosty fun

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. This weekend is going to be fun with Red Bull Crashed ice in town and the Saint Paul winter carnival events. I stand outside even when there are -20 windchills to watch the parade and I attended both Crashed Ice events in St. Paul.

It is all going to be strange this year because I won’t need to wear the long johns, heavy pants and wind pants or the long underwear, the turtle neck sweater and hoodie under my goose down 3/4 length coat with the balaclava and the bomber hat over it and scarves and gloves and mittens and two pair of socks, leg warmers and my boots that each weigh several pounds but are good to 40 below zero. Yup I can stay outside for hours standing in snow or on ice if needed.

There will be plenty of beer this weekend in and around downtown in tents and other venues with heat and music. It almost makes me wish I liked beer.

If you have never been to any Saint Paul winter carnival events you are missing out. Chances are your neighbors will be there too and this  See the complete schedule on the winter carnival website.  The Grand day parade starts Saturday January 24th at 2:00 PM at West 7th street and Smith avenue and travels east to Rice Park in downtown St. Paul.

collage - winter fun
Winter Carnival & crashed Ice collage – click to enlarge

Oh and if your home is on the market but no one is coming to see it on Saturday it is because of the Winter Carnival.


Crashed ice
Crashed ice 2015
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