A question every seller should ask

spring beautiesSellers who are paying a Realtor® a commission should ask about the commission split. If a home is listed by a Realtor® it will be put in the MLS so that any Realtor® can show it to any buyer.  If the buyer wants to buy the home the buyers agent is paid a commission.  That commission comes from the sellers agent who splits the commission with the buyers agent.

Generally the split is not 50/50, but here in Minnesota the listing agent sometimes does not even let the seller know what the split will be. In some states it is all spelled out on a form. If your agent doesn’t tell you then you need to ask.

Home buyers are given a disclosure when they buy a home and it will disclose that the buyers agent is getting paid a commission and where that commission is coming from or who is paying it. We can charge buyers directly for our services but usually we just accept the commission that the sellers agent is paying out.

If you are working with an agent and that agent has put your home on the MLS ask them what the split is going to be if their is a buyers agent. There really is no right or wrong but sellers should have the details.

*the flowers are called Spring Beauties and they will be in bloom in about a month.

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