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I am not sure why, but most of the purchase agreements I receive are missing page numbers. The blank contracts either have a number on the top of each page or the word page and a blank. A number is supposed to go in the blank. Page numbers are important. How do we know if there is a page missing if we don’t know how many pages there are? If we do know how many pages there are and the pages are not numbered how do we know which page is missing if we come up short? The pages on a purchase agreement have a spot for a date too.

If you are buying a house help your agent out and put page numbers on the contract.  Count the pages and on the front page where it says “Page 1 of___ ” use the blank for the total number of pages.  like “1 of 15”

A date on each page would be nice too while you are at it. Oh and maybe someone could go ahead and put in the final acceptance date once the offer is signed by both parties.  The final acceptance date is the date that triggers the inspection period.  If the buyer has 4 business days after the final acceptance date to have the home inspected when does that inspection period begin if there is no final acceptance date on the contract?  More importantly when does it end?

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2 Replies to “Page numbers and dates”

  1. You’re exactly right! Unfortunately buyers (and lots of agents) don’t know which pages are included in the numbered pages and which ones aren’t. There are lots of pages that are not included, i.e. personal property agreements, sellers disclosures, etc.

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      . . arbitration . . yes i know what you mean. I just made a personal property agreement part of a PA with my mad page numbering skills.

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