winterize and call the insurance company

If your home is going to be vacant over the winter now is the time to have it winterized. We have not had a hard freeze here in the Twin Cities and we still have some time before water will freeze inside of an unheated home.

If you own a vacant home consider having it winterized. Furnaces can fail and frozen pipes can burst when they thaw and that leaves a really big mess.

The process involves turning off the water and draining anything that has water in it like pipes, the water heater and the heating system if it is a hot water type boiler. You can winterize your own home it isn’t all that difficult especially if you have a forced air furnace but most people prefer to use a contractor. If you don’t know who to call try your local heating and plumbing company.

. . .and just a reminder let your home owners insurance company know that your property will be vacant.

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Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about the grand re-opening of the federal government. 

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