Things to check in a rehabbed house


 I wrote about it a few weeks ago.  There are rehabbers who do a great job fixing up houses and others who just make everything look pretty for the home buyers and do not really fix anything.

After checking the furnace, water heater, electrical system and plumbing check to see if the dishwasher has water running to it and if the stove is hooked up to gas and if the refrigerator is hooked up to water if it has an ice maker.  

Check to see if the cloths dryer is hooked up and if the garbage disposal is hooked up.  Each of these items are easy to check but  home inspectors sometimes over look them. 

It is also a good idea to test each light fixture.  You might want to do this during the inspection and bring a lightbulb that you know works.  

After moving into your rehabbed house make sure to let your real estate agent know if there is anything that doesn’t work.  We can usually get things fixed.  Some rehabbers take pride in their work and will quickly fix anything that they missed, and others won’t. 

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