Dear house flipper


Dear house flipper,

I think it is wonderful the way you bought up some old houses and fixed them all nice and pretty.  You painted each room with the most popular decorator colors and put fancy counter tops and cute cabinet hardware in the kitchen.  You put those retro faucets in the bathroom and you have impeccable taste in floor tile and you made excellent hardware choices. 

Shame on you for leaving the old rusty water heater in the basement and for not even having the old boiler serviced and inspected.  

You know from experience that the young buyers are going to be attracted by the hardwood floors and the shiny new kitchen appliances.  They just don’t know any better but I do and so does their home inspector. 

Please make sure that the house you flip has a decent roof, electrical system, plumbing, furnace and water heater.  I know from my own experience as a home owner these items are not cheap but I also know they are essential and a basic part of what makes a house a home. 



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