How does your home look on the interent?

 How does your home look on the internet?  How it looks really matters because most home buyers are going to see you home on the internet before they see it in person.  In fact for home buyers and agents alike the internet serves as a screening tool.  We can screen out the really ugly and unappealing homes.  

Just about any home can look amazing on the internet but most do not.  One thing sellers can and should do is ask their agent to send them a link to the information about their home in the NorthstarMLS.  The same pictures and information will end up on numerous web sites.   

If the pictures don’t make your home look amazing consider hiring a photographer or ask your agent to hire one.   Pictures can and should include entire rooms not just parts of rooms and they should be well lit and never dark and dingy.  The iPhone has a fine camera in it but no wide angle lens and not much of a flash.  

dining room – wide angle lens and a flash 

If you are serious about selling your home get involved.  Look at the information you find on the internet as if you were a home buyer.  Would you buy your home?  Does it look appealing or dark and dingy? 

Professional quality photography is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to market a home for sale.  The home in the photo sold in one day.  Why do home owners market lovely homes with crappy pictures? 

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  1. A wise agent once said “your first showing is online”. It’s amazing how bad some of the MLS photos are, especially on more expensive homes!

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