electronic lock boxes for safety

Electronic lockbox

We put the keys to homes for sale in lockboxes and attach the lockbox to the house.  The lockbox in the picture is electronic and can only be opened by a member of the board of Realtors. 

We can only open the boxes with an electronic key that for most of us is an app that runs on our smart phones. 

These lock boxes are really secure and the listing agent can even get information from the box about who opened it and when it was opened.  Of course we have no way of making sure that the keys went back into the lock box but maybe someday they will make a lock box that can tell us when the keys are missing. The box can also be programmed so that it can only be opened during certain hours. 

Not all agents like to use these boxes but it should be up to the seller not the agent.  

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4 Replies to “electronic lock boxes for safety”

  1. I recently had an agent access one of my listings without permission, and they were kind enough to leave the property unlocked when they left. Thankfully I was using an electronic lock box and was able to run the entry log and determine who it was. A call went to them and their broker. Agents really should be following showing instructions, but in the rare case when they don’t, the lock box can help us track them down.

  2. Teresa Boardman says:

    too bad the electronic lock box can not lock doors and turn off lights.

  3. But is the cost to maintain the lock box worth it. In an age were we are nickle and dimed for everything I say no.

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      Once I bought the boxes there is no additional fee. We pay a fee for the super key software but even if I did not own any lockboxes I would need it to open other agents lock boxes. i think the $10 or so a month we pay is a very small price to pay for a little extra safety for our clients.

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