We did not build these

When I was a kid we built stuff here in the US and now we don’t and I can not help but think that if we did we would have more jobs.  

We like to think of these products as American but none were built in the US.  They were designed in California and were built by Foxconn in China. 

IMG 2110
Apple electronics 

Foxconn has factories in Asia, Europe and South America, which together assemble around 40 percent of consumer electronics products in the world.  My Android phone wasn’t made in the US either and I think my TV was made in taiwan.

Foxconn is based in Tiwan and has 13 factories in China.  Foxconn’s biggest factory is in Longhua, Shenzhen Cina and employes at least a quarter of a million employees. 

We could use more jobs here in the US.  It used to be that people could get jobs making stuff but we don’t do that here anymore.  We design the stuff in the US but I’ll just bet we import some of the best and brightest from foreign countries to help with that too. 

Merry Labor day. 

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7 Replies to “We did not build these”

  1. We want jobs here, but as Americans, we also want as much stuff for the cheapest possible price. We don’t want our troops in the middle east, but we don’t want our troops over there. And on, and on. Seems like we can’t have it both ways.

    I dropped by to get inspired by your pics – not have a mini-rant. Sorry! 🙂

    1. Sorry — “We want cheap gas, but we don’t want our troops in the middle east”

      1. Teresa Boardman says:

        that is very true we want cheap electronic goods and I could go on a whole rant about our ridiculously expensive yet ineffective health care system. . . .and honestly I am angry and could go on and on but few people “get it” apparently you do get it. Thanks for stopping by. Now go take some pictures.

  2. I have to limit my thoughts on the state of our health care system here, or I’ll pop a vein in my neck.

    Love your fair pics. We just had ours. “Fried Dough”!


  3. One of the things that drives me crazy is when so -called visionaries like Tom Friedman wax eloquent about why young people don’t go into STEM careers. He seems to talk to the scientific and industrial elite – but never once bothers to talk to scientists and post-docs in the trenches. He claims that we are “forced” to import said talent from abroad because of a skills “mismatch”. There is no mismatch – ask any unemployed engineer who was forced to train his foreign born replacement who would work for half the price. Ask any post-doc forced to work at slave wages 70 hours a week 10 years past earning their doctorate. Employers – both academic and industrial want everyone starved for work so we can all jump off a cliff and engage in a mutual race to the bottom….Ok was that enough of a rant!

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      I think my post was a rant. 🙂

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