Taking pictures while house hunting


It is never alright to take pictures of the inside of a home even if it is on the market and you are interested in buying it without the sellers permission.  It is considered to be an invasion of privacy.   You can rationalize  taking pictures any way that you like.  Some buyers decide it is alright to take pictures because they would not mind if someone took pictures or their home. Some sellers do not mind at all and other sellers will limit the number of photographs their agent can take and will tell us that we can not photograph certain rooms.

There have been situations when I am working with out of town buyers and they want me to take photographs of a home for them.  I can do that but I always ask permission first.  

Sellers might want to discuss this with their agents..  Agents have been known to say yes to pictures without asking the sellers.

Is there anyway a home owner can prevent someone from taking photographs?  No there isn’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t say no.  You should also consider putting your 4 carrot diamond ring in a safe place and refrain from leaving $100 bills on your dresser. . . .

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