LRT Construction at University and Dale

IMG 2205t edited 2
LRT Construction – University Ave at Dale looking East
IMG 2208t edited 2
Dale and University – North corner – LRT Construction

I probably already have the largest collection of light rail central corridor construction photos.  I plant to keep taking and hope that there will be a use for them some day.   I will admit that it is hard to stay away.  I worked for Metro transit for almost a decade and I think that is why I have more than a passing interest in public transportation.   

There is plenty of parking behind the restaurants that make up the five block area of the Little Mekong neighborhood East of Dale.  It is a good time to dine out early and often as these eateries have the best Asian food in the twin cities. 

The shops at Unidale are open and the large parking lot can be accessed from University avenue or Aurora Avenue which runs parallel  to University and is one block South. 

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