Under 100K a hot price range

Two days in a row with numbers because I love numbers they are so factual and all that. 

The hotest price range is still homes priced below $100,000.00.  Last month about 35% of the homes that sold in St. Paul were in some stage of foreclosure or distressed properties as we like to call them.  On average they sold in 124 says.  Mot were smaller homes with an average of slightly more than 1200 square feet of living space and less than three bedrooms and 1.5 baths.   The homes that sold last month in higher price ranges were on the market for an average of 144 days. 

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2 Replies to “Under 100K a hot price range”

  1. These numbers as far as I know are very accurate with the current state of the market. These are the effects of the economic turbulance to the real estate industry, still 35% sale rate is not bad at all. Thanks for sharing this data!

  2. […] prices have gone way down since I wrote that and yes Virginia you can find a great home for less than 100K. Reading an article about how to buy a condo in New York City is pretty useless if the goal is to buy […]

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