March 2012 homes sales

The data used to create the chart comes form the North Star MLS. The data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. . . .which is alright because there are no guarantees in life. These numbers are for single family homes which includes condos in St. Paul, Minnesota for the month ending March 31, 2012.

The average home sale price is up as is the median which is now a six digit number at $113,500 which is up from last month when it was a five digit number but I can’t find the number at the moment so just trust me.

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March 2012

The inventory of homes on the market remains low.  The only surprise in this data is that the number of pending sales is down from last month and I would have expected them to be up because generally March is a better month for home sales than february is.  The number could mean that the spring market has already lost it’s spring but one months worth of data usually doesn’t mean all that much.  

Pending sales are up from the same time last year which is a good thing because we hit a new bottom last year and it wouldn’t be the bottom if the numbers were lower this year.  Average an median prices are up from last month and up slightly  from a year ago.

Remember that real estate is local and if you are looking for more local numbers please check local market conditions and home prices. 

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