Cold weather house hunting tips

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Red wool socks

This winter has been pretty mild but it is still winter.  If you are out looking at houses you will probably have to take your shoes/boots off when you go inside.  many of the homes on the market are vacant and they have the heat turned way down.   It doesn’t take long for the feet to get cold.  I have been experimenting with ways to keep them warm because I get cranky when they are cold. On Saturday I failed miserably and had cold feet all day.  

The secret is in the socks.  Sunday I wore two pair of socks under my boots.  The second pair were thick red wool socks.   I was able to stay in a cold house for half without getting cold feet.  

I like to remind sellers that they need to have a rug inside the door and it needs to be big enough to hold several pair of boots otherwise they will end up with puddles on the floor and I will end up with wet socks when I step in them which may cause me to encourage my buyers to make an even lower low ball offer on your home. 

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  1. I too ran into the puddle problem this past weekend at an open house. Not only did I end up with wet socks, I also wound up with some dusty/dirty ones after touring the basement (though dungeon is a more apt description) of a home built in the 1800’s.

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