Photography for Realtors Again

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.  This post is a re-run because I have no imagination  today and I must focus on making the huge pile of work I have smaller so I can goof off this weekend in sunny California.      I usually don’t write educational

point and shoot camera

type posts on Fridays but that is what I am going to do today.

I have spent a lot of time this week looking for homes for buyers that I am working with.  I just can’t help but notice that the property photos in the MLS are pretty bad. 

I find photos of room parts, open toilets, crooked rooms, poorly lit rooms, open toilets, did I mention open toilets?  bathroom mirrors and windows with bright lights in them and to be honest with some of the photos I can’t really tell what they are of but I try. 

You may have noticed from my blog that I like to take photos.  Maybe I love taking them and I know my way around a camera and if I try I can take a photo of an entire room and if there is a toilet in the room I put the seat down before taking the picture instead of after. (I think Realtors were taught to put the seat down after)  I decided to write some instructions for my peers in an effort to help them with their property photos. .

The following items are needed and my instructions should be followed to the letter.  You will need:  A camera, a towel, a table or sturdy flat surface a hammer, a phone and a room that needs to be photographed.

  • Remove camera from case
  • Remove battery from camera and put it in your pocket.
  • Place towel on flat surface
  • Place camera on top of towel
  • Fold towel over camera until it is completely covered. (Not the towel the camera)
  • Pick up the hammer and hit the camera at least 10 times. When the camera is flat you have hit it enough times.
  • Use the phone to call a photogrpaher
  • Carefully pick up the towel and keep it folded and toss it in the trash. (this part may take some practice)
  • Take the battery to a recycling center.

If these steps are followed I promise that the end result will be better property photos.

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9 Replies to “Photography for Realtors Again”

  1. Another terrific and helpful post, T. I hope people can follow the directions.

  2. Thanks for the laugh – I needed that. You captured it perfectly (pun absolutely intended). Enjoy your weekend in Cali

    1. Teresa Boardman says:


  3. I totally agree. As a consumer looking throug MLS listings it’s dificult to get a feeling for a listing from a pic showing only a blank window with drawn blinds and a section of carpet.

  4. I so agree – the open toilets. Why bother to take a picture of a toilet–it really is not a feature that sells a house.

  5. ToddMcintosh says:

    Oh Shoot! I used your instructions but forgot my camera is also my mobile phone! Couldn’t call photographer so, I just left to enjoy the beuatiful day.


  6. Way too funny!! Great advice!

  7. Thanks This is Awesome!

    Dulcie Holland Photography

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