I agree

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun.  I have been thinking about all of the things I agree to.  Actually I am not sure what I agree to and am wondering how many others click “I agree” without reading all of the detail of the end user licencing agreement. 


The pages and pages of legal documents  pop up on the screen and I have to agree before I can down load an app or some software that I really want.  If I don’t agree punishment is swift,  I get nothing. 

Lets face it they could put anything they want to in those agreements and most of us would just click “I agree”.  We are forced to agree to something that no one except the people who write end user license agreements and a handful of lawyers understand and it is only a matter of time before some company exploits that fact.  It is possible that no one in the history of the internet has every clicked “I do not agree”. 

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3 Replies to “I agree”

  1. I clicked it once. Just to see.

    Then I promptly clicked “go back” and agreed.

    1. Teresa Boardman says:

      Nothing like living life on the edge. šŸ™‚

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