Competition for buyers


It is a buyers market and has been for a few years now but and there is always a but . . buyers have gotten too complacent and sometimes the home they really want gets away.  The best homes at the most competitive prices still sell very quickly.   Some in just a couple of days.  Buyers who have found the right home should not wait and see if the price comes down, they should make an offer now.  It doesn’t need to be a full price offer. 

Every year I work with at least one buyer who lets the home they really want get away. It happens when we are in a sellers market and when we are in a buyers market. 

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One Reply to “Competition for buyers”

  1. People shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming the owner of the house is dying to accept their offer. If priced right, another smart buyer will be decisive and approach the owner with a real offer and terms reasonable enough that the parties can do business together.

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